Reference Spheres/Bodies (38)

Sphere diameter and surface condition of calibration Spheres depend on the type of coordinate measuring machine, sensors and probe Sphere size. Especially with small probe Sphere diameters, for example, it is important to use a suitable calibration Sphere to avoid shaft interference. With optical sensors, a matt Sphere surface is required for reliable measurement.
Reference sphere, DK: 30
Ø Sphere (DK)
30,0 mm
Length (L)
50,0 mm
Styl. Tip Mat.
4.024,00 DKKSales tax not included
 Shipment within: 17 days
Gauge for O-INSPECT
1.856,00 DKKSales tax not included
 Shipment within: 2 days
Reference sphere, DK: 25
Ø Sphere (DK)
25,0 mm
Length (L)
56,0 mm
Styl. Tip Mat.
2.400,00 DKKSales tax not included
 Shipment within: 10 days
21.960,00 DKKSales tax not included
 Shipment within: > 30 days
5.560,00 DKKSales tax not included
 Shipment within: > 30 days
Reference kit RSH-214 with reference sphere DK30
Length (L)
214,0 mm
9.120,00 DKKSales tax not included
 Shipment within: 13 days
Reference kit RSH-514 with reference sphere DK30
Length (L)
514,0 mm
11.280,00 DKKSales tax not included
 Shipment within: 21 days
6.640,00 DKKSales tax not included
 Shipment within: 16 days
Calibration stand, ThermoFit, 200 mm diameter
Length (L)
200,0 mm
17.400,00 DKKSales tax not included
 Shipment within: 27 days
2.416,00 DKKSales tax not included
 Shipment within: > 30 days
Which body for what?

Which body for what?

Reference spheres made of ceramic are available in different sizes, all of which can be mounted on Sphere holders with M6 thread. The following sizes and variants are recommended:
Probe Spheres < 1 mm: Measuring Sphere 8 mm
Probe Spheres 1-2 mm: Measuring Sphere 15 mm
Probe Spheres > 2 mm: Measuring Sphere 25-30 mm
Measuring rings are used to calibrate optical-tactile measuring instruments (e.g. ZEISS O-INSPECT). Optical templates are suitable for calibrating the ViScan camera and other 2D sensors. A calibration strip is required for self-centering probing at one point, for example to calibrate the rotary table axis of a CMM. All measuring bodies are supplied with a calibration certificate.
One case, individually loadable

One case, individually loadable

In addition to the individual products, ZEISS also offers calibration sets. The basic equipment consists of a case that contains a measuring sphere with shaft, tools, a certificate and brief instructions. In addition, you have to choose the appropriate measuring sphere holder, which depends on the size of the measuring device and the sensors. The "compact" version is available for ZEISS DuraMax. For measuring devices in which the measuring volume is limited by a small height in the Z direction, e.g. the O-Inspect, there is a dedicated measuring ball holder with a height of 105 mm. Fastening material is also included to fix the measuring sphere holder on the measuring table of the coordinate measuring machine. The case offers space for three additional calibration spheres, which can be purchased either together with the measuring device or at a later date. The configuration of calibration spheres and brackets from the individual components can be designed individually.