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ZEISS eLearning packages contain a wealth of experience: What do users need in order to learn how to master coordinate measuring machines and exploit the possibilities of the technology? We have put together learning packages that are arranged according to subject areas. The costs per unit are up to twenty percent lower than for individual bookings. All courses are available in English, partial units also in German.
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Knowledge in packages

Knowledge in packages

Users work through the material, which is interactively prepared in video tutorials, software simulations and/or practical exercises, each at their own learning pace. The individual courses are application-oriented and conclude with a certificate. The learning content is aimed at users with different educational backgrounds. In nine eLearnings - including temperature compensation, profile tolerances and mathematics for measurement engineers - the basic package provides everything necessary for getting started in metrology. Various variants of basic and advanced packages for the ZEISS CALYPSO measurement software lead to the appropriate level of knowledge in nine, 15 or 25 courses. Our most comprehensive software and technology package contains 35 courses and is suitable for advanced metrologists. The courses are application-oriented and, when completed, conclude with a certificate.
Where are my classes?

Where are my classes?

The ZEISS Metrology Portal is the central contact point. Registered or logged in via ZEISS ID, you can access the training content and view the complete catalogue. Purchased courses are delivered directly to your account as Current courses. Under Academy Metrology you can call up the booked courses under eLearnings. These courses are available for twelve months from the start. All you need is an internet connection and a suitable device.